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ARCHIVIO NEWS - Asta da Hampel Auctions 2014

15 Dec

Save the date:

on friday 12th December - 2nd auction day - 

at Hampel Fine Art Auctions House in Munich,

some of Crazy Art's furniture, paintings and sculpture are going on sell.

Find links and details under the photo.

Exposition from friday 5th to tuesday 9th December 2014

from 9am to 5pm and wednesday 10th from 9am to 12 am.



Here the list of the objects with the code of our web site and to Hampel's catalogue:
 - Large Garden Figure in Meissen porcelain -  sku: CRAZY_9_1142  - on Hampel's catalogue: lot 1469

 - Royal Bavarian coat of arma in iron - sku: CRAZY_1_180  - - on Hampel's catalogue:lot 1482
 - Pai of neogothic Armchairs- - sku: CRAZY_8_483 - on Hampel's catalogue: lot 1648
 - Art Decò table - sku: CRAZY_13_223  - - on Hampel's catalogue: lot 1685
 - Painting of a Bear in fight with a bull - sku: CRAZY_16_643  - - on Hampel's catalogue: lot 2016
 - Large sculpure of a seated monk - - sku: CRAZY_9_228 - on Hampel's catalogue: lot 2247