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Conservation code

This is the conservation code that we use to indicate the conditions of our antique and vintage furniture and objects.

Code: you can find this entry in the description chart of the items, in the "conditions" field.

Conditions: it indicates the general conditions of the item in that specific code.

Allowable Imperfections: it indicates the general allowable imperfetions of that specific code.

Restoration: it indicates the optional restoration for those specific imperfections. (We do not provide a restoration service but we can connect you with restorers).

In any case, we suggest to come and see the items you'd like to buy or rent, because colors can be different from a screen to another and, even if you are welcome to ask us more photos or further details, every antique and vintage item has its own peculiar property of sign of use, dimensions, texture and so on, that could be perceive in a total personal way.

CodeConditionsAllowable ImperfectionsRestoration
Like/Brand newAntique but never used, with original and never opened package and with label.NoneRestoration is not necessary.
MintAntique and used. Perfect conditions, no flaws, lacks, chips, scratches, tears or cracks. With patina.NoneRestoration is not necessary.
ExcellentSporadic used. Maintained in excellent condition. Only the slightest signs of use that does not detract from the overall appearance.Only the slightest signs of use, it maintains overall shape, evident but sporadic use.Light restoration, as clean or wax.
Very GoodOccasionally used. Very well-maintained. Shows minor signs of use, consistent with light use.May show more imperfections, it has some loss of overall shape, more evident sign of use. Hardware may have dulled and/or contain slight scratches. May have slight discoloration, or unevenness of color.Ordinary restoration.
GoodRegularly used. Shows more signs of use but appearance is good overall.Regularly used. Imperfections are consistent with more frequent handling. Marks visible to eye. Tarnish/scratches visible on hardware. Color is faded due to age, it may have indentations.Ordinary restoration, with optional replacement of missing parts.
FairHeavily used. Visible signs of use that impact the appearance and/or use.Heavily used, with visible signs of use, major lacks and evident flaws.Massive restoration.
PoorNot usable.Broken and not working. It can be used as prop, decoration or spare part.Restoration is not worthed, except in the case it is a rare item with high historical/artistic value.