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Lighthouse shaped table clock

1.500,00 €
Lighthouse shaped table clock with compass and thermometer. The central part is made in wood as the oar and the harpoon. The anchor, wher the compass is fixed is made in brass. In the middle, there's a brass ship's wheel painted with a cliff and a lighthouse. The chains and the pulleis are made in brass, as the little anchor with the thermometer. The glass of the clock has some breaks and the clock needs to be repaired.
SKU: 14642

Disponibilità - Availability


Materiale - Material

legno, ottone - wood and brass

Epoca - Date

Fine XIX secolo - Late XIX century

Lunghezza – Lenght

cm 30 base

Larghezza - Width

cm 15 base

Altezza - Height

cm 90

Provenienza - Origin


Marchio - Brand


Condizioni - Conditions

da restaurare - need to be restore

Altre informazioni – Other Information

Prezzo - Price